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Who we are...

Those supporting and contributing to this website are as varied in our stories as in our ministries.  But we have certain convictions in common.


We are evangelical Christians, mostly, but not all, in the Church of England, who believe an open and including welcome of same-sex relationships can be held with biblical integrity.  We are committed to life, ministry and mission within the rich diversity of the Church of England and beyond. We are grateful for the outcomes of the LLF process and affirm the decision of General Synod to support the bishop’s proposals for services of blessing for same-sex couples. Many of us would support same-sex marriage.


The Evangelical tradition within the Church of England is historically varied and thus never without its disagreements. Thus far, they have not divided us.

We do not believe sexuality is an issue over which to divide. To separate over this and no other issue is without precedent and founds our ecclesiology on sex. This has no mandate in the bible, the historic creeds and councils of the faith. Unity among Christians is faithful witness to Jesus. We are committed to walking with, not apart from, those we disagree with. 


In the current debate, "orthodox" and "biblical" are too frequently claimed in a way that implies that those with contrary views are somehow "heterodox" or "unbiblical". We believe expressions of same-sex relationships to be supported by scripture whilst respecting the integrity of those who hold other views from the same texts.


We are committed to the Pastoral Principles as expressed in Living in Love and Faith for our words and actions as we engage, theologically and pastorally, through joy and pain, in this continuing journey of love and faith together.

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